I specialise in Warhammer 40,000, Forge World and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, everything from single display models to entire armies.


My passion and enthusiasm for painting miniatures is what has made me sucessful and my positive mental attitude has equipped me to meet any order with pride.


I paint in two styles a gaming standard and a display standard. Everyone has their own interpretation of what makes a high paint level, so I try to keep it simple.

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Gaming/tabletop - Gaming standard is a high tabletop level, striking the balance between speed and quality.

Display - This level represents my very best painting. Extensive shading, blending and highlighting. I take great pride in these miniatures.

Please get in touch with your specific ideas and budget for an accurate quote. The price varies depending on the models.


I discount larger jobs of £200 and upwards, starting at 10%. I utilise batch painting to save time and money.

Repeat customers will be rewarded for their loyalty with lower prices and offers too.

The normal waiting period for commissions is around 3-4 months. Of course this changes all the time and depends on the size of the order you will place.

You can mention a specific deadline on my contact form if you have an upcoming game or tournament.


Ordering Models 10% - 20% off Games Workshop prices for any kits required. I use Element Games normally as they dispatch very quickly. Use the code IAN988 for more of a discount.

Building each kit built and primed for normally £5, unless it's a large model or big Forge World kit.

Magnetisation for a small extra fee, varying job to job, to cover time spent modelling and painting the additional weapon choices.




If you've ever wondered how I paint, or wanted to know a bit more about what I think about Warhammer, then wonder no more! Check out my YouTube channel, which is filled with painting tips, podcasts and much much more!

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